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I am NUWASASIRA ROBERT a.k.a karoza. I joined st.kagwa in 2012-2017(6 years down the road) .Iam persuing BA.Ed at kyambogo University in my second year. I owe my academic success to st.kagwa. To the students of st.kagwa,just as it was during my stay at school and our head teacher used to tell us,the future is in your hands'The conditions are much more favorable have better facilities in terms of equipment, access to information including e-learning and awide range of options for career path.However through my experience as a student I am aware that some of you may have some negative forces due to social media,peer pressure, parenting gaps and all sorts of changes that have impacted family structure. Be proactive,resist the temptation to give up,behave, turn the challenges into opportunities and shape the future you want to be.yiu you can focus your attention on productive activities: academics, build heathy relationships with your friends,join clubs at school,engage in social activities,do sports and seek spiritual nourishment. God bless you We labour for our future. Nuwasasira Robert

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